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UARD is delighted to announce the launch of a strategic partnership with Sir Tim Allsop, Founder and previous CEO of the Wild Geese Group. The WGG Academy is a shared-ownership centre of academic excellence where the development, delivery and quality management of highly sought-after qualifications are managed in multiple locations and regions, globally. Visit the WGG Academy website.


Dato Tim Allsop RIC

UARD Director of Technical & Safety for the WG Academy

Tim has led a number of world-firsts including the creating of the MERSC (a real-time ship tracking centre in Malaysia) for which he received his Knighthood, Wild Geese Group (an award-winning OPITO authorised industry training group), the Cooperative Learning Site network and the only approved digital Major Emergency Management Initial Response course (certifying leaders of significant oil & gas installations both offshore and onshore).


Masters, Bachelor and Diplomas in Emergency Response & Risk Management – see details

Masters, Bachelor and Diplomas in Leadership & Management – see details

NEW: Masters, Bachelor and Diplomas in Maritime Emergency Response & Risk Management (Sept 2020)

Industry-Mirroring, Professional Facilities

ERRM Industry Advisory Board

Emergency Response and Risk Management (ERRM) is a dynamic sector to operate in, whether as an institution, industry association, government organization such as FEMA, producers such as oil & gas corporations or its industry training providers. WGG Academy formed and leads the ERRM Industry Advisory Board (IAB). The IAB is chaired by the Wild Geese Group CEO Mr Mike Herrmann, long time industry training Executive and internationally experienced Oil and Gas MEM Trainer and Assessor. With many years of experience and global professional network, Mike has strategically assembled a highly experienced and capable board of professionals from within a cross-section Industries to member the ERRM IAB.

Global Network of CLS delivering world-class industry+academy qualifications

WGG Academy has multiple international delivery sites. Students are able to access a large number of locations such as: MALAYSIA (3 different Sites -Kuala Lumpur, Terengganu or Kota Kinabalu in Sabah), INDONESIA, MALTA, THAILAND, UAE, KAZAKHSTAN, TUNISIA, CANARY ISLANDS, POLAND, NETHERLANDS, EGYPT, SAUDI ARABIA, FRANCE & USA.

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