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University of Applied R&D’s Emergency Response and Risk Management Videocast #25 Alex Quinetella

In this episode of the University of Applied R&D Emergency Response & Risk Management Videocast #25, we speak with Alex Quintella, an emergency response specialist with a wide-ranging career in many industries. We discuss the large number of challenges that under-served communities and minorities face on a day-to-day basis that are causing dramatic effects during the COVID19 virus. – unequal access to health care – unequal quality of health care – inability to work from home due to the industry – lack of access to small business funding – climatic cycles – and many more Alex can be found on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexquintela/ For more information about gaining a Bachelor of Emergency Response & Risk Management or the Masters in Emergency response & Risk Management, visit us at http://www.uard.university or our exclusive delivery partners at http://www.wggacademy.org 🆕 Disaster response explanation 👉 recovery and response 2020 video -recovery and response -crisis management and communications -communication in disaster management 🆕 Disaster response explanation 👉 recovery and response 2020 video

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