Standardised Student Fees

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UARD has standard tuition fees across all programmes.

The following information encompasses all programmes of learning. If there is a change to tuition fees or other related costs, these will be notified in the specific faculty information from time to time. Because UARD operates in both developed and developing nations, scholarships and fee waivers may be offered to enable greater enrolment opportunities for specific groups or individuals.

Standardised costs

Enrolment fee


Recognition of Prior Fee (RPL)


Per Credit Fee

$730 ($845 Graduate)

Textbooks, lab or other fees

$1200 There are additional fees outside of the named costs on this page.

$1200 There are additional costs for students related to the successful completion of a programme of learning. All support services and learning resources are additional to tuition fees.

Undergraduate per-credit/point cost is $730

Post-graduate per-credit/point cost is $845

The following are examples of how the credits per programme of learning are calculated for the tuition fees at Level 5, 6 and 7. For veterans, professionals and industry practitioners, we offer significant recognition of prior learning credit. This may substantially lower tuition fees.
Example tuition fees

Accelerated Bachelor Degree, Level 6

One Year

$3000 RPL + $6000 Tuition for the one-year Top Up Programme

Bachelor of Emergency Response & Risk Management, Level 6

Three Years

360 Credits, $262,800

Bachelor of Emergency Response & Risk Management, Level 6 – Final Year, 120 credits

$3000 RPL + $87,600 Tuition for the 120 credit final year

Masters in Education, Level 7

Two Years

180 Credits, $152,100

Diploma in Education and Training, Level 5

One Year

120 Credits, $87,600

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