Masters in Education – UARD – Educator’s Podcast -Masters in Education, #27 Dr Lorraine Ling

In this episode of the University of Applied Research & Development Educator’s Podcast, #27, we hear from Dr Lorraine Ling, an Emeritus Professor at La Trobe University (Australia). Dr Lorraine is a published author, with deep leadership experience from her extensive career at the highest levels of tertiary education in Australia. As the past Pro Vice-Chancellor (Associate) Academic and Strategic Transformation at Victoria University she played a leading role in the strategic transformation of the institution. Her book has a recent edition (2020) and is the go-to reference for educational researchers as Dr Lorraine helps us understand the paradigms that can inform our research: positivist, post positivist, pragmatic, emancipatory, interpretive and super-complexity. Understanding the paradigm will assist researchers to choose their research methods – this is hugely helpful. Dr Lorraine’s book “Emerging Methods and Paradigms in Scholarship and Education Research” can be found here https://www.igi-global.com/book/emerging-methods-paradigms-scholarship-education/230939 Dr Lorraine can be connected with on Linkedin here https://www.linkedin.com/in/lorraine-ling-8386942a/ Our Masters in Education can be found here https://uard.university/programmes-of-learning/master-of-education/ To learn more about the University of Applied Research & Development’s Bachelor & Masters of Leadership & Management, go to https://uard.university/masters-in-leadership-and-management-lmqf/ For more information about gaining a Bachelor of Emergency Response & Risk Management or the Masters in Emergency response & Risk Management, visit us at http://www.uard.university or our exclusive delivery partners at http://www.wggacademy.org 🆕 Disaster response explanation 👉 recovery and response 2020 video -recovery and response -crisis management and communications -communication in disaster management 🆕 Disaster response explanation 👉 recovery and response 2020 video

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