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Ambassador Initiative

Are you part of a military community?

Would you enjoy connecting with families, veterans, and active-service heroes to ensure their careers goals are reached both while serving and in civilian life?

UARD is proudly approved by the VA for education benefits.

Here is what we do:
  • We review the training & course each veteran has completed & award academic credit
  • We review the years of service and specific responsbilities each veteran has completed & award academic credit
  • We review the current role, position, rank & job description each veteran has completed or holds now & award academic credit
  • We consider the active service personnel or veteran’s service to community
Service in community is also recognized – Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

This allows each veteran to receive Recognition of Prior Learning. Why is this important? It allows veterans to:

  • complete their Bachelor Degree much faster
  • use less of their educational benefits (saves this for the future)
  • enables them to enter their civilian career sooner
  • ensures a bachelor degree is part of their military career progression for salary & promotional purposes

Interested in being an Ambassador?

This role is a commission role where:

  • we reward you for each person enrolled
  • you have access to scholarships for veterans and their family members who are in need (they wish to study but can not access benefits for some reason)
  • UARD & you work to find creative solutions to include pastoral & career development opportunities with academic qualifications
  • You will need to be located near a large military base or part of a member-driven veterans association or club so you can spread the great news of what we do
  • You will live in the USA, anywhere is ok though we prefer in North Carolina, Seatle or Orange County – close to a major base
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This is how you find out more:

You can complete the contact box and include a link to your CV (in Dropbox or Google Drive) or a link to your online profile of work (in Linkedin or similar).

You can also contact Dr Craig Hansen via his Linkedin (this is best) or via our Instagram (see the button below).

We will reply and set up a time to chat on Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Teams or Google Meet.

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