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Bachelor of Emergency Management – UARD (NZ), Texas A+M (USA) and NOCN (UK) – high-level analysis

Bachelor of Emergency Management – https://uard.university/aberrm/​​ – Bachelor of Emergency Management Oil & Gas, Fire Safety & Well Control industry professionals work diligently throughout their careers to gain safety certifications from OPITO, TEEX, NFPA & IWCF and other reputable organisations.

– develop high-level analysis and response skills

These certifications usually do not carry any academic recognition and do not provide a pathway to higher education; now they do with this accelerated Bachelor from UARD (NZ), Texas A&M (USA) & NOCN (UK). The University of Applied Research & Development now provides recognition of prior learning for all safety standard certifications and industry experience. For more information on our Bachelor of Emergency Management https://uard.university/aberrm/​​ Enroll below for next cohort! https://uard.university/aberrm/

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