Masters in Education – UARD – Educator’s Podcast – Masters in Education, #25 Dr Tim Magner

In this episode of the University of Applied Research & Development Educator’s Podcast, #25, we hear from Dr Tim Magner. Dr Tim is a long-time educator who has led educational technology and increased learning success while with Microsoft, the Department of Education and P21 (the 21st Century learning organisation) at the executive level. Tim’s career advice is inspiring, particularly when he shares that different perspectives can bring different burdens, and directions we didn’t expect. Dr Tim can be found on Linkedin here https://www.linkedin.com/in/tmagner/ Our Masters in Education can be found here https://uard.university/programmes-of-learning/master-of-education/ To learn more about the University of Applied Research & Development’s Bachelor & Masters of Leadership & Management, go to https://uard.university/masters-in-leadership-and-management-lmqf/ For more information about gaining a Bachelor of Emergency Response & Risk Management or the Masters in Emergency response & Risk Management, visit us at http://www.uard.university or our exclusive delivery partners at http://www.wggacademy.org 🆕 Disaster response explanation 👉 recovery and response 2020 video -recovery and response -crisis management and communications -communication in disaster management 🆕 Disaster response explanation 👉 recovery and response 2020 video