ERRM Industry Advisory Board

ERRM Industry Advisory Board


Proudly a member of the
Integrated Disaster Risk Management (IDRiM) Society

What is the IAB?

Emergency Response and Risk Management (ERRM) is a dynamic sector to operate in, whether as an institution, industry association, government organization such as FEMA, producers such as oil & gas corporations or its industry training providers. Our exclusive partners, Wild Geese Group (WGG), were the natural choice to form and lead the ERRM Industry Advisory Board (IAB). The IAB is led by their CEO Mr Mike Herrmann, long time industry training Executive and internationally experienced Oil and Gas MEM Trainer and Assessor. With many years of experience and global professional network, Mike has strategically assembled a highly experienced and capable board of professionals from within a cross section Industries to member the ERRM IAB.

The ERRM Industry Advisory Board consists of a carefully selected cross section of experienced professionals with extensive exposure within each of their industries in the fields of Emergency Response, Risk Management and Training and Competency.


  • The purpose of the IAB is to advise and guide the University of Applied Research and Development on issues of importance to maintain credibility and relevance of the UARD ERRM Higher Education programmes to student and Industry.


  • Identify opportunities to promote development, broaden exposure and awareness of the UARD ERRM offerings
  • Review existing curriculums and identify recommendations for change
  • To share professional knowledge, industry insights that expands our perspective and awareness on issues connected to the UARD programmes and future needs
  • To provide Industry specific guidance and oversight to ensure integrity of the ERRM Recognition of Prior Learning and Current Certification evidence process


UARD is one of over 2000+ institutions in the NOCN group