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UARD is committed to removing all barriers to education. With a high-tech, quality-focused, global Contributing Faculty, leading academics, Google Certified Innovators & Microsoft Master Trainers developing & delivering learning experiences, the University of Applied Research & Development is cutting-edge.

The New Food Crisis Looming

Is this an Emergency Management Issue? The COVID Pandemic started in October of 2019 in an obscure province in China. By December, China was forecasting the problem that the rest world would be facing just a few months later. See the full article here The New Food Crisis Looming U.N. warns that the world is…

Bachelor of Emergency Response & Risk Management for Oil & Gas Professionals

Complete your Bachelor of Emergency Response & Risk Management faster. We reward prior learning, training, certificates and industry experience with university credit. This enables you to complete your degree faster. OPITO Industry Standards Oil & Gas professionals with OPITO standards can gain recognition of prior learning. Fast-track your career, get back to work or advance…

Why is strategic leadership important?

Strategic thinking A strategic leader must first be a visionary and a strategic thinker. Execution Strategic leaders are masters at strategy implementation. Integrity Being grounded in integrity and compassion is an essential part of strategic leadership. Management Strategic leaders understand how to lead a team. So, whys study a postgraduate Level 7 Diploma in Strategic…

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