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From Certificate to PhD Pathway- Innovative, Education-Leading Instructional Design

UARD is committed to removing all barriers to education. With a high-tech, quality-focused, global Contributing Faculty, leading academics, Google Certified Innovators & Microsoft Master Trainers developing & delivering learning experiences, the University of Applied Research & Development is cutting-edge.

UK & USA Accreditation with VA Benefits

Veterans and active-service personnel can learn more on the VA.govt website

UARD’s Emergency Management degrees are approved and funded by the VA. Hear our Veteran’s Stories – Difference Makers series where we profile some of the hears who served in the military and continued to serve in their civilian life.

Advice for military veterans moving into civilian life

Take advantage of veterans’ benefits: Many veterans are eligible for benefits such as education and training programs, home loans, and health care. Network: Connect with other veterans and organizations that can help with the transition to civilian life. Develop a plan: Identify your goals and create a plan for achieving them. This could include going…

The Transition From Military to Civilian Life is a Difficult Road

. Transitioning to civilian life after service in the military is often a difficult process for veterans. Going from an environment of order and routine to the unknowns and unpredictability of society can be both overwhelming and intimidating. It can be especially hard for veterans who have been in the military for many years or…

Veteran’s Webinar: Fully-Funded Study Tour in New Zealand

Many USA veterans have New Zealand on their bucket list; why wait any longer? We’ll share the inspiring opportunities for you exclusively through Major Jay Tiegs’ study tour to NZ. Travel, flights, accommodation and tuition support is available. Join us here to learn more. Do you have previous credit but an incomplete degree? If yes,…

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