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UARD is committed to removing all barriers to education. With a high-tech, quality-focused, global Contributing Faculty, leading academics, Google Certified Innovators & Microsoft Master Trainers developing & delivering learning experiences, the University of Applied Research & Development is cutting-edge.

UK & USA Accreditation with VA Benefits

UARD’s Emergency Management degrees are approved and funded by the VA. Hear our Veteran’s Stories – Difference Makers series where we profile some of the hears who served in the military and continued to serve in their civilian life

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Programme Delivery Around The World. Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Malta, Kazakhstan, Abu Dhabi, Tunisia, Egypt, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, India, Nepal

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Established & Accredited in the United Kingdom & United States of America, Globally Delivered with Industry & Community Partners

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The University of Applied Research & Development has a number of international accreditations and
quality affiliations that increase opportunities for our graduates.

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Regular, live tutorials, lectures and interaction groupwork with regular ZOOM weekly contact time

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In-Demand Undergraduate &
Graduate Studies, On-Demand