Masters in Education – UARD – Educator’s Podcast – Masters in Education, #9 Dr Coleen Maldonado

In this episode of the University of Applied Research & Development Educator’s Podcast, #9 we speak with Dr Coleen Maldonado. Coleen is the El Camino College Career Pathways Coordinator, working with thousands of students across multiple high schools, enabling them to be increasingly successful as they prepare for University. Dr Coleen is making a huge impact through changing an entire generation’s access and success in higher education. She shares a moving and personal story of why we need to recognise that every student has their own barriers to success, and she is an example of rising above them at the highest levels. You can find Dr Coleen on Linkedin here https://www.linkedin.com/in/coleen-maldonado-ed-d-47bb6354/ For more information about gaining a Masters in Education or the Master of Education, visit us at http://www.uard.university