Institute of Fire Safety Managers and the Bachelor of Emergency Response & Risk Management

The Institute of Fire Safety Managers is at the forefront of the fire profession industry, receiving the latest news, standards, technical advances and dissemination from other fire related organisations worldwide. IFSM provides a substantial range of training, professional development, certification and technical documentation.

Assessors that are trained and/or validated with IFSM are provided with substantial credit towards the United Kingdom’s OfQual licensed NOCN endorsed Bachelor Level Programme in Emergency Response & Risk Management. UARD is inviting assessors to apply for the B.ERRM with advanced standing now.

Hear from one of our current students, Tony Fogart, who is a very senior and experienced fire safety assessor in West Midlands, England.

The course is amazing!!!, I love the podcasts and interaction with other the networks Todd has kindly introduced me too. The main course  topic is brilliant and I’m so glad I signed up. Todd is a great tutor and his passion for the subject shines through, he’s so just so passionate, and  his stitch radio podcasts  amazing, I just don’t know how he fits all his work in… for me to be learning from such a great tutor, and have access to such great resources to study is amazing. So thank you for allowing to participate in your course, I feel very privileged.

Tony Fogarty, Nationally Accredited Fire Risk Assessor with IFSM, Tier 3 (top level) – connect with Tony on Linkedin

Industry professionals holding IFSM assessors can enter the Bachelor of Emergency Response & Risk Management with advanced standing. Credit can be gained with the following evidence of knowledge and skill:

  • Prior Learning – this includes all academic and non-academic (industry, IFSM) training, certifications, courses and conferences
  • Industry Experience – this includes contributions to the industry such as association membership/leadership, length of time in a fire protection role or roles and real-life experiences e.g. responding to and leading fire management
  • Current Competency – this includes your current role, responsibilities, scope of authority and leadership

For more information about IFSM visit their website and to discuss YOUR opportunity to gain a Bachelor degree faster, cheaper and from anywhere in the world, contact us below.