Capability and Culture Growth

In co-operation with 7020TEN we design and deliver customized, enhanced learning and development experiences

We add value to organizations and individuals by building and encouraging learning accountability and sustainable learning climates. We achieve this by:

  • Listening to you, always!
  • Asking questions to clearly identify what you need to succeed
  • Matching your needs with the correct learning and development solution
  • Developing a program specifically for you that will make a difference and add value

Our approach to capability development leverages a Capability and Culture Development Mapping Methodology(c) that comprises the following main steps/stages:

Capability and Culture Identification

Capability and Culture Mapping

Capability and Culture Development

We have pioneered an instructional design and delivery (IDD) model based on the principles of Design Thinking in Learning, that rapidly increase the confidence and competence of participants attending any of our programs bringing instant and measurable results to individuals and organisations.

“To support ongoing learning and behavioural development after a training program, in line with our life-long-learning ethos, we have designed a series of user-friendly and very effective tools that allow participants to continue their learning and development journey.”

— Associate Professor, Danny Simms, Faculty of Leadership & Management, University of Applied Research & Development



UARD & 7020TEN, has partnered with REACH Ecosystem, an evidence-based, profiling and development solution that provides:

  • A user-friendly, user experience (UX). 96 questions with an average completion timeframe of 12 minutes
  • Individual self-assessments, and leadership-level 360 profiling options
  • Organizational Culture profiling and ongoing (culture) Pulse surveys
  • Custom grouping (teams, organizational – leadership levels etc)
  • Identification of individual and group behavioral strengths and development areas
  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA) with specific Training and Coaching recommendations identified in reports
  • E-learning courses and other supporting resources to develop positive behaviors
  • Personal Development Dashboards – supports personal development accountability
  • Reporting for individuals or merged comparison reports
  • Broad reporting options

The unique process used by AP Danny’s team

Once enrolled in the platform, participants will receive an invitation to undertake 96 questions (question are in English) that identify their current behavioural profile. The average completion timeframe for the profiling is 12 minutes. Their results are mapped against the 4 core REACH behavioural quadrants and their extensive sub-competencies:

  • Driving
  • Advising
  • Counseling
  • Coaching

Participants and other identified stakeholders are provided with reports that:

  • Are easy to interpret
  • Provide detailed visual and text descriptions of behavioral strengths and areas for development
  • Provide links to behavioral development e-learning courses, and supplementary learning resources

Our Behavioral and Psychometric Partner of Choice

REACH has the agility to adapt to different people, tasks and situations. Meta-analysis for REACH based studies across the world have demonstrated that higher REACH scores directly correlate to higher performance.

To support the growth of behaviors, the platform provides training needs analysis based on the self-assessment, 360’s and Culture surveys which in turn link to comprehensive resources to support the development.

To engage employees in their ongoing learning journey and to provide them direct access to their learning resources, we provide participants with a link to their own Personal Growth Dashboard which has an always up to date list of training recommendations for them and direct access to the resources to learn on-demand. The dashboard provides participants with dynamic progress updates, designed to build personal development accountability and a sense of ownership of their own development.

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