Become a certified emergency manager

You need a bachelor degree to become certified – get all your training and experience recognised so you can finish quicker, less cost.

To learn more about the Certified Emergency Manager credential (to be among the more than 3,092 who have earned the coveted AEM or CEM credential), you need to check out: https://uard.university/aberrm

The video is presenting the Certified Emergency Manager credential as a career and will also cover the following subjects:

-emergency management degree contents

-what is emergency management?

-emergency management careers

One thing we noticed when researching details on the Certified Emergency Manager credential was the absence of relevant information. UARD is proud to be an IAEM international university partner – see here for our listing https://www.iaem.org/about/university-partners

Accelerated Bachelor in Emergency Response and Risk Management; join each month in 2022

Learn with IAEM Region 9 President Todd De Voe’s Accelerated Bachelor in Emergency Response and Risk Management; join each month in 2022

It is a requirement that you have a recognized bachelor degree, https://www.iaem.org/Certification/Getting-Started

The Certified Emergency Manager credential nevertheless is a subject that we know due to the experiences of our faculty and graduates. This video for that reason should be relevant and of interest to you.

The IAEM page about this is here https://www.iaem.org/certification/intro ++++++++++++++++++++++ Our YouTube channel has various other similar videos regarding emergency management degree, what is emergency management? and emergency management careers Please check them out : https://www.youtube.com/c/UniversityofAppliedResearchDevelopment

Have I addressed all of your concerns about emergency management? Individuals who looked for ’emergency management degree’ also searched for ‘what is emergency management?’

So, do check out https://www.youtube.com/c/UniversityofAppliedResearchDevelopment as our interviews with amazing emergency professionals will help you.

For more information on how you can gain a bachelor or masters degree with credit/recognition for all the training and certifications you hold, go to:

Emergency Response degrees https://uard.university/aberrm/

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