Contributing Faculty and QA 2023

The University of Applied Research & Development (UARD) is supported in its academic programs by the Contributing Faculty (CF) and IQA team. Each member of the CF & IQA has provided lesson content for our programs in the form of public podcast & videocast sessions to support the learning outcomes of our students. The CF provides feedback on industry developments, academic rigor, and professional pathways. Each public podcast & videocast is included in the programs of learning to enable students to become graduates who understand more widely the power of their qualifications to open doors, create transferable skills and increase their network far beyond where they may be situated. UARD is grateful to the men and women that have committed to supporting the ongoing development of our programs.

Professor Dr. Ray Powers

Dr. Ray Powers is the President and CEO of Envisage Global, a strategic partner to the University of Applied Research & Development. Envisage provides a broad range of “continuing education” and “workforce development” options for individual learners, large corporate training initiatives, and international education collaborations. Dr. Powers has extensive practitioner experience with over 30 years in a Fortune 50 corporate environment, followed by notable academic credentials as a Professor and a Dean in the Forbes School of Business at the University of Arizona Global Campus, and as the founder and Chair of the Forbes School of Business Board of Advisors. Dr. Powers holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, a Master’s degree in Education, a Master’s degree in Psychology, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

Professor Dr. Julie Ducharme

As a change-maker, Dr. Julie Ducharme has dedicated her career to empowering and supporting people in their endeavors and dreams. Dr. Julie is the Founder of Synergy Learning Institute, a strategic partner to the University of Applied Research & Development. Since earning her MBA and Doctorate degrees in business and organizational leadership, Dr. Julie has become a national best-selling author, recognized by INC magazine, hosts a podcast, numerous TV appearances with CBS, ABC, and Fox, a professional public speaker, and a serial entrepreneur. Her most recent book is Leading by my Ponytail: Why Can’t I Wear Pink and Be the President was named by INC Magazine, the top 60 leadership books for women. Dr. Julie is passionate about our nation’s veterans and her most recent venture is the start of a 501(c)3 Synergy Learning Institute. This nonprofit provides one-of-a-kind courses such as “Combat Boots to Heels” for veterans transitioning from their military careers to the civilian workforce. This program is offered free to all veterans. Portions of Dr. Julie’s speaking fees go directly to the program and the veterans.

Dr. Paula Zobisch

Dr. Paula is Executive Vice President, Curriculum Development & Partner Relations at Envisage Global. She holds a Ph.D. Education (Adult), Master in Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis in Marketing; and Master of Arts in Organizational Development & Leadership with a specialization in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Dr. Paula has been the Director of Marketing for a 3M Distributor for 12 years, Program Director for an undergraduate entrepreneurship degree, and is a U. S. Army Veteran.

Internal Quality Assurance Leader, Phil Richardson

Phil is a specialist in the United Kingdom’s further and higher education sector. He has held numerous positions in education management, program leadership, lecturing, and partnership management. Phil is an experienced internal & external quality assurance lead and HE external examiner with specialisms in assessment and curriculum design, validation of new programs, lead moderation, and QA of providers.

Phil is a Lead Moderator for One Awards, an education validating agency in the UK. He is an External Examiner for UK HE institutions including the University of Northampton and the University of Derby whilst also being an External Assessor / EQA for a number of other institutes. He is also an arts-based subject specialist and practitioner.

Associate Professor Todd DeVoe

Director, Emergency Management Titan HST, Faculty UCI and CSU, Fullerton

Todd De Voe is the Director, Emergency Management for Titan HST and the host of the leading emergency management Show EM Weekly. Todd involvement in Emergency Response, Emergency Management, Education and Volunteer Management started in 1989 when he became a volunteer firefighter in upstate New York. In 1991 Todd joined the United States Navy and became a Hospital Corpsman assigned to the Fleet Marine Force. In 2005 Todd was hired by the City of Dana Point at the Emergency Services Coordinator. In 2008 Todd was asked to be on a steering committee for Coastline Community College, as they developed their emergency management program, later that year Todd was invited to join the faculty.
Today Todd is an instructor of Emergency Management at California State University Fullerton for the MPA program and, The University of California Irvine’s Certificate of Emergency Management. Todd is a graduate of the National Emergency Management Executive Academy’s Cohort VII.

Todd is the President of the International Association of Emergency Managers (Region 9) and is the Region 9 representative on the University and Colleges Caucus.



Associate Professor Jay Tiegs

Major U.S. Army, Certified High-Performance Coach, MBA, Webster University. MSc, Missouri Science & Technology

 Jay Tiegs is an active duty Major in the United States Army with over 26 years of leadership experience in the Corps of Engineers. Jay is the owner and CEO of DHT Coaching and Consulting, LLC. Jay has served in various leadership development roles and commanded two organizations dedicated to training over 3,000 officers and 30,000 soldiers. As a High-Performance Coach, trainer, and speaker, Jay has trained and presented at various conferences. Jay hosts the Do Hard Things Podcast and believes that developing grit and resilience enables people to achieve their highest potential. Jay holds a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management from Lindenwood University, a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Webster University, a Master’s of Science Degree in Geological Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Associate Professor Danny Simms

Masters in Leadership & Management, Director of 7020TEN

 Danny is recognized as a subject matter expert in individual and organizational capability and culture development, with a strong focus on learning & development within both private and public sector organizations and academic contexts. He maintains currency in capability and culture development through research and application of broad, contemporary Learning and Development (L&D) and Organisational Development (OD) methodologies; Design Thinking in Learning/70:20:10/Learning in the Flow of Work, that support e-learning, virtual and augmented learning, and enhanced, face-to-face learning experiences. His research into capability and culture growth and development has culminated in a series of registered methodologies that are providing a positive impact on organizations globally.

Associate Professor Josh Alexander

Masters of Community Leadership and Ministry (The Collective Institute/UARD/NOCN/ONE Awards)

Josh Alexander’s passion is in taking the ordinary into the extraordinary. As a certified life transformation and leadership development coach (International Coaching Federation), Josh partners with individuals through a growth process that maximizes their personal and professional potential. He currently oversees The Collective Institute, which focuses on the development of community and ministry leaders all around the globe. Josh holds a Bachelor of Business Management & Marketing from BINUS International School and a Masters of Community Leadership and Ministry from The Collective Institute. He also continues his 15-year-long career as a professional illusionist specializing in engaging entertainment for corporate and family events and utilizes this experience to bring impact to every sphere he influences.

Dr. Quentin Mascarenhas

A Clinical Pharmacist with experience in the National Health Service of England in the role of a Senior Manager in Medicine and Surgery including Disaster Response, Team Management and Education.

In my role as a Healthcare Manager, I have successfully organised teams to combat the Covid-19 Virus Emergency Response. From a clinical point of view, I have introduced novel ideas and therapies to help improve the quality of healthcare and lifestyle of the patients. On a broader scale, I have introduced policy changes that facilitated the improvement of emergency care, pain relief for surgical patients and emergency contraception amongst other changes.


Dr. Stephen Kendall-Jones

School Principal, Adjunct lecturer, Researcher, consultant Albany Junior High School PhD, Deakin University, VIC, Australia

Following several years as an air-navigator in the Royal Air Force, Stephen graduated in Business Management (First-class honours) and followed a corporate career, culminating at executive level. Making a life-changing decision to become a teacher, he was appointed as Principal of the largest middle school in New Zealand within only 8 years. During these years, he earned his Masters in Maths Education and his Doctorate (PhD) through research on how policymakers viewed education as ideologically problematic by using policy-based evidence instead of making evidence-based policy.


Kimberly Honnick, Ed.D.

Director Montclair Child Development Center Ed.D. Nova Southeastern University Leadership, Coaching, Professional Learning, Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, Response to Intervention, Personalized Learning

 Dr. Kimberly Honnick is Owner and CEO of Harnessing HOPE (Helping Other People Excel) Coaching and Consulting Services, LLC.  She also serves as Director of Educational Programs and Services for the Montclair Child Development Center, a Head Start Agency.  Dr. Honnick has served in public education for 28 years in both teaching and administrative roles. She has presented at various conferences domestically and internationally.  In 2017, Dr. Honnick was awarded Learning Forward’s Principal as Leader of Professional Learning Scholarship and in 2020, GFEL (Global Forum for Education and Learning) awarded her as one of the Top 100 Leaders in Education.

Dr. Honnick advances curriculum and instructional designs and empowers stakeholders to transform their practice through coaching and leadership opportunities.  She leads instructional programming, professional learning and coordinated services, including designing innovative practices, maximizing staff talent, and aligning partnerships.  Passionate about supporting future educators and leaders, Dr. Honnick serves as an Advisory Board Member for Pace University Lubin School of Business’ Transformative Leadership Program.  She is passionate about Leadership, Special Education, Student Support Services, and Personalized Learning and has served as an expert in these fields.


Dr Tabia Lee, EdD

Education Technology Consultant Dr. T. Lee Educational Consultancy Doctorate, Educational Leadership and Administration University of California, Irvine Teacher Training and Professional Development; Instructional and Curriculum Design and Evaluation; Technology Integration

Tabia Lee (known simply as “Lee”) has contributed to the design, implementation, and evaluation of numerous educational and professional development programs. Her commitment to teacher education, technology-infused learning, social justice and instructional design is grounded in experience as a National Board Certified English, Civics, and Social Studies teacher in urban American public middle and high schools.

Dr. Lee prepares TK-12 and higher education faculty to work with culturally and linguistically diverse students by illuminating pedagogical and ideological intersectionality with a focus on critical literacy and teacher ideology-in-practice. Specifically, Lee guides faculty through clarifying instructional intent as it relates to face to face, hybrid, and online learning with an emphasis on illuminating the ways that teacher professional development informs technological engagement and is reflected in teachers’ embodied and enacted pedagogies. An introductory video/digital CV here and you can learn more about Lee on her website.


Instructor Randy Rozzell

Instructor Randy Rozzell leads the combative measures course, specialization, train-the-trainer, and credentialing program in San Diego and Dallas. He is a retired Navy SEAL with 22 years of military service. He has served in multiple combat deployments. In 2012 Randy was named SEAL/Sailor of the Year for SEAL Team SEVEN and went on to be awarded SOY for all Naval Special Warfare Command. He served as the Leading Chief/Course and Program director for NSW Combatives department for almost three years. He developed the current combatives program that SEAL operators learn today and is the pinnacle of hand-to-hand combat training. In 2016, Randy retired from the military and continued on with a life of service by becoming a firefighter for the City of San Diego. He helped teach the department’s active shooter response classes and designed the combative patient management course for SDFD. In 2018, Randy formed his own business, American Warrior Combatives where he continues to teach military, law enforcement, 1st responders, and civilian personal in self-defense and combatives techniques.

Randy is a California registered paramedic, Naval master training specialist, and a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He has a bachelor’s degree in General Studies from American Military University and is currently finishing up his master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from National University.

Dr. Shannon H Doak

Educational Technologist Hawaii Preparatory Academy Doctor of Education Boise State University

Dr. Shannon H. Doak is an experienced educator and leader in international schools and abroad, He has taught various grade levels at every division. He is an expert in blended learning, eLearning, and making professional development more effective. He holds an Ed.D. and a Masters in Educational Technology, a degree certificate in school technology coordination, and a Bachelor of Education in Elementary Education. He has been at the forefront of changing the digital and educational landscape of the schools he has worked for. He is continually looking for ways technology can improve teaching and learning. Dr Shannon’s book can be accessed here and is a regular poster on Twitter.

Dr Rita Kepner

Consultant and Independent Researcher, Ph.D Edward R. Murrow College of Communication, Washinton State University Disaster Response Reservist and Communication Educator semi-retired

Dr Rita is an experienced spokesperson with a demonstrated history of working in the government administration industry. She is skilled in Crisis Management, Nonprofit Organizations, Crisis Communications, Instructional Design, and Journalism.

Dr Rita received the Lifetime Achievement Award and is a strong media and communication professional with a Ph.D focused in Communication from Washington State University. Her PhD dissertation can be accessed here.


Val Margarit, Ed.D.

Education & Sociology Instructor, Faculty Trainer, Consultant. Strayer University Doctor of Education – Nova Southeastern University

Dr. Val Margarit is a transformational educational leader, consultant, coach, speaker, and an author. Her work focuses on the complex relationship between neuroscience/neuroplasticity, education, and social behavior. She has won numerous teaching awards, including Teacher of the Year, and the Free to Choose Excellence in Education awards. She created an open online course The Complete Guide: Achieving Success in College and Beyond and she has served in diverse education capacities for over 10 years. Her books include the best-selling “Why Not You? How to Become an Empowered Woman and The Successful Student Mindset. Dr. Margarit has adventured widely throughout her lifetime. At 16 years old she left her village in search of a better life. She rose from the “ranks” of a factory worker to a transformational education leader. Dr. Margarit has a B.A. and M.A. in Applied Sociology and a minor in Political Science, from the University of Central Florida, an Education Specialist and a Doctorate in Education with specialization in higher education leadership from Nova Southeastern University. She holds professional certifications in teaching and leadership, traveled to over 50 countries thus far, and speaks more than one language.



Dr. Shaunta D. Scroggins

Founder Center for Legacy Driven Leadership EdD, Dallas Baptist University Adult Educator • Leadership Researcher & Strategist • Curriculum Developer

Adult Educator with 15+ years of teaching and training experience in nonprofit and higher education settings. Skilled at content development for adult learners, and designing appropriate and engaging activities to reinforce learning. Workshop facilitator on topics of leader development, application of leadership theory, and effective mentoring.

IG: @legacy_leadership_center FB: @LegacyLeadershipCenter

Dr Andre Nel

Director- Research & training, LLMA Consultants (Pty) LTD, PhD- Project management – Costa Rica

I started my career as a fire-fighter in 1982 and worked at various fire departments. I have had the privilege of being a Chief Fire Officer at three fire departments in South Africa. I joined the South African Air Force at the National defence fire training school as a fire fighter (ARFF) instructor. The South African Air Force has given me great opportunities to accomplish many achievements in saving lives through education, I was awarded a medal for my work and training for State President aircrew, which I was awarded a medal for my cost saving and training of his crews. I have been involved in many projects which involved field hospitals, airport fire stations, health and safety systems and operations in the DRC Congo and Burundi. My passion is research and development in designing courses which cover many aspects including, disaster management, CONVID 19 auditing, health and safety programmes and emergency systems for safer emergency evacuations.


Brandon Williams

CEO / Leadership Speaker and Consultant, MS, Management, Embry Riddle University Leadership Development

Brandon Williams is an accomplished and results-oriented leader, top business speaker, executive consultant, and technical expert with proven leadership experience in managing cross-functional teams and organizations. His experiences as a United States Air Force F-15E Fighter Pilot and Officer leading diverse teams of men and women from all backgrounds set the stage for his Human Factors Leadership methodology. In addition to his experience as a Fighter Pilot, Brandon is recognized for his expertise in Human Factors, having designed courses for and taught at several universities. His world-class execution of numerous speaking engagements to Business Leaders from all over the globe consistently deliver superior results in how to lead High Performing Teams through Complexity and mitigate Human Error. http://www.lead-tac.com


Lead Tac

Ashlee Delventhal

Director of Preparedness, Resilience, and Emergency Management Tidal Basin Government Consulting, LLC Masters of Applied Aviation Safety, Jacksonville State University, Melbourne, FL, USA

Ashlee is experienced in a broad range of functions, with specialties in transportation, catastrophic planning, mass evacuation and sheltering, mass casualty, and large-scale special event and venue planning.

• Program management
• Trainer and mentor
• Public speaking, public affairs, and media
• Aviation regulatory compliance (emergency and safety)
• Improvement planning and analysis
• Incident Command System and Emergency Operations Centers
• Emergency exercise design and facilitation
• Mass casualty planning and response, family assistance
• Catastrophic and mass evacuation expertise



Alex Quintela

Emergency Preparedness Specialist II Fannie Mae, Associate Emergency Manager – International Association of Emergency Managers

With nearly 15 years of experience in emergency management, Alex Quintela has built a career helping people, as well as public agencies and Fortune 500 companies, plan for, respond to and recover from an array of incidents including terrorist, active shooter and natural events. He holds various credentials and among others, he is a former Emergency Medical Technician and certified as an Associate Emergency Manager by the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM). In addition, he is known for being a passionate professional who advocates for persons that are traditionally underserved and disproportionately impacted in disasters.


Younus Imam

Operator, Security Operations Center, Master’s in Disaster and Emergency Management – York University

Younus responds to security incidences in the Financial Sector while also work with a group of police officers to build security and emergency preparedness at schools, mosques and churches in an effort known as the SALAM Project. Younus has contributed this Teacher’s Toolkit for open access.



Simon Board

Executive member PDHPETA, Northern Beaches Christian School, Master of Leadership and Management in Education, Newcastle University

Over a period of over 20 years he has led, developed and grown future focused and collaborative PDHPE departments at St Aloysius College, Barker College, Loreto Kirribilli and currently works in the role at Northern Beaches Christian School. Internationally, he has taught in the UK and USA and explored innovative teaching practices at a number of institutions through a Victorian educational immersion throughout 2017. His passion for curriculum and innovation have led to involvement in PhD projects focused on Teaching Games for Understanding, Harvard Teaching for Understanding leadership projects and most recently the Blurred Minds Virtual reality project with Dr Timo Dietrich at Griffith University. Simon was selected by NESA to write the new syllabus resources for the K-10 curriculum and continued to assist NESA through the development of additional units to support the syllabus introduction.


Aaron Cignarale

Senior Emergency Preparedness Specialist, Monroe County Department of Public Health. B.A. Homeland Security and Emergency Management – Ashford University

Versatile in many roles and departments with 10+ years of experience in emergency management, EMS, project management, operations / logistics management, nuclear security, asset protection, and military operations. Innovative, driven and adept at transitioning objectives into a coordinated plan of action.


Tom Godfrey

Emergency Operations Manager, Operations Partnership (seconded to DAI, Tackling Deadly Disease in Africa Programme) Masters Degree, International Development, University of Hull

Tom has 15 years of experience working on humanitarian response and development projects. The recent focus of Tom’s work has been response and preparedness and Tom has held senior operations and supply chain roles to complex responses and longer term projects around the world. Tom recently spent 3 years in Save the Children’s Asia regional office where he provided operations support to country offices on all aspect of their delivery from response and preparedness to structural reviews and targeted KPI support. Tom has specialised in capacity building and mentoring through a series of humanitarian and supply chain trainings over several years.



Carys Evans

L&D Specialist UK and Ireland ROCKWOOL Ltd. CIPD L5 Certificate in Learning and Development Practice

With a career spanning 15 years in the field of Learning and Development across multiple sectors in the UK, Carys is an experienced L&D Practitioner, operating at both delivery and strategic levels within the wider remit of Human Resources, on both national and global scales. Currently, Carys is L&D Specialist for UK and Ireland for global manufacturing company ROCKWOOL A/S, responsible for all L&D of staff based in the UK and Ireland in relation to the Business’ strategy.

Prior to this, Carys has worked in the Hospitality, Not-for-Profit, Travel, and Finance industries within the UK for global organisations, and specializes in: L&D and HRM Strategy, Organisational Development, Leadership Development and Personal Development.
She is a qualified Coach and member of the UK’s Coaching Culture Community,  and a Member of the Learning and Performance Institute. Carys is also an Associate Member of the CIPD, the UK’s leading body for People Professionals, and is a Mentor for their  Steps Ahead programme which supports young people with their career development.
Carys’ passion is in supporting individuals with their personal development and unlocking their potential. As part of her CIPD study, Carys carried out research on how L&D can more effectively support adult learners with dyslexia in the workplace. Neurodiversity and Inclusive Learning Environments remain an area of special interest for her. http://linkedin.com/in/carys-evans-assoc-cipd-mlpi-96907b64

Steven Sutantro

Emerging Technologies Faculty Leader UARD, Lead Coach, REFO Indonesia Certified Trainer, Google Certified Trainer, Innovator, TED Ed Innovative Educator, National Geographic Certified Educator, Apple Teacher, Google Earth Education Expert

Steven is a Google Earth Education Expert, Google for Education Certified Trainer & Innovator Coach for Southeast Asia 2019. Steven has extensive 7 years of teaching and training students and 6 years of training leaders, educators, and students in multiple international and local schools, universities, corporates in Indonesia. Currently, he is a Lead Coach at REFO, Google for Education Professional Development Partner in Indonesia.

Iain Shaw

Managing Director Acrometis MBA (Open University) Operations and Asset Management expert (Oil and Gas)

A forward-thinking oil and gas business leader with extensive operations and commercial experience, Iain has led in both UK domestic and international environments having worked in leadership roles for over 25 years. As a strategic decision maker adept at managing complexity and ambiguity providing a guiding vision with clarity and consistency to drive business performance, against both near term and over multi-year time horizons. I have a demonstrated ability to build organisational capability, drive change and performance improvement. A Non-Executive Director providing strategic advice, support and challenge to Executive teams.


Don Gleason

SVP, Strategic Partnerships, Readiness Associates, MSM, TESU, CIO, C-Level Senior Advisor, Enterprise Process Improvement and Preparedness expert

Don Gleason is recognized for delivery excellence with a vision directly tied to customer satisfaction, sustainable growth, business resilience, and compliance. He served as a CIO, adviser to executives (business & IT), and SVP of programs in complex, matrixed organizations. Deals effectively with multifaceted and/or sensitive issues with a wide variety of influential internal & external parties. He builds strong internal and external relationships to ensure the successful delivery of high-quality services with deepening trust, leveraging / coaching / mentoring client teams – to assure sustainability.

Connect on LinkedIn

Pierre A. Bégin

Training Consultant in corporate emergency preparedness and readiness and awareness consultant BSocSc Leisure Program Management (Houn) / Cert Criminology, Ottawa U

8 years as educator for young offenders; 3 years as Training Supervisor for the Quebec Professional Training Commission; 25 years as a police officer in diverse capacities to wit: investigating OC, conducting Personnel Threat Assessments for Canadian Executive VIP, 5 years as Program manager/Facilitator for Major, Serious and OC at the Canadian Police College; 1 year at Interpol as Training Officer in sports integrity; 2 years as Special Advisor of Security and Training for the department of Indigenous Northern Affairs Canada.

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Ralph Petti

MBCI, CBCP, GRCP, CERT. Chief Risk Officer Readiness Associates, LLC Rutgers College

Mr. Petti’s credentials: CBCP – Certified Business Continuity Planner; MBCI – Member, Business Continuity Institute (London); GRCP – Governance Risk & Compliance Professional; CERT – Community Emergency Response Planner. He was an nominee for a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association of Continuity Planners and has been a national speaker at media and industry events.

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Eric William Bosken

Master of Education / Indiana Wesleyan University, specialist in Cambridge (IGCSE) English instruction as well as Educational Technology training.

Eric is a Senior High School English teacher with 11 years of experience in the Enterprise IT Consulting field, followed by 10 years of classroom teaching.

Eric leads the assessment, moderation and grading for post-graduate education programmes for UARD, including the Masters in Education programme.



Cate Steane

Founder, Make It Happen Preparedness Services, Juris Doctor, Yale University – Emergency training and planning for businesses

Cate Steane is the founder of Make It Happen Preparedness Services. She helps businesses secure their future through emergency preparedness training and planning. Her clients include large social services and education organizations, law firms, and other businesses.
Make It Happen recently received the Best of the North Bay Award from the Bohemian as the Best Emergency Preparedness Service in Sonoma County. Cate’s experience includes
• 20 years of leadership in risk management, facilities, HR, insurance, and safety for nonprofit organizations with up to 300 employees
• Involvement in the response to the Loma Prieta Earthquake, Oakland Hills Fire, and Wine Country Fires
• 12 years practicing law, including service on the team representing the City of Oakland in the Oakland Hills Fire litigation.

She is a Certified Associate in Project Management and has training in Community Emergency Response Teams and Wilderness First Aid. Cate is a Fellow of the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy.



Paul Mikita

Lead Emergency Preparedness Specialist Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital – New Brunswick Campus Master of Arts Emergency and Disaster Management (American Military University)

Through both employment and volunteer activities, I have been involved with the development and implementation of both community based and healthcare specific emergency management policies and procedures. In my current position serving as the Emergency Preparedness Educator for Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital covering both the New Brunswick campus I have been, and remain, responsible for the assessment of the hospital’s hazards and risks as they relate to emergency preparedness as they relate to the development and delivery of an educational and training program. This program includes the advancement of staff knowledge and application of emergency preparedness principles and procedures through development of hospital specific curriculum and training ranging from in-services to full-scale exercises, as well as the coordination of the delivery of national courses at our campus.


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