Dr BK Simerson shares his article COVID-19: Long-Term Imperatives For Strategic Leaders

In late spring Cathy Lieberman, ACC and I surveyed over 100 CEOs, Presidents, COOs, and senior-level executives across the U.S. representing a slate of industries and professions to investigate their perspectives on the immediate and future impact of the COVID-19 crisis on business. 

We received insights from a dozen CEOs and Presidents, thirty-five COOs, and dozens of senior-level executives responsible for operational and functional areas such as finance, operations, manufacturing, marketing, technology and talent.

Our research revealed that relatively early in the COVID-19 crisis:

  • The investment of time in business continuity planning provided structure in responding to the lockdown.
  • Open, frank and honest dialog maintained employee engagement and increased productivity during the crisis.
  • Transparency played a key role in reducing employee anxiety and stress.
  • Investment in digital technology processes for employees and customers made the transition to remote work seamless.

Read more on Linkedin, where Dr BK Simerson and his co-author share there findings

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