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Masters in Science Occupational Health and Safety Leadership, Level 7, MSc.OHP

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Who is this for?

This programme is designed for health and safety professionals wishing to enhance their academic achievement, skills and obtain higher level degree within their area of expertise in order to further advance their professional careers. Designed for the Health, Safety and Environment professionals looking for a flexible way to continue their academic studies while working.

The Masters in Science Occupational Health and Safety Leadership and the Bachelor in Science Occupational Health and Safety are developed and delivered with UARD’s exclusive delivery partner Horizon. Horizon was founded in 2007 and works in the field of consulting services in the field of occupational health and safety, providing training to personnel engaged in the oil and gas industry and other production facilities, which are classified as dangerous. Horizon uses its extensive international experience and network to increase workplace safety.

Entry Requirements

A relevant 3 or 4-year bachelor degree from a recognised institution, equivalent to Level 6, or an accepted equivalent. Be currently employed in a relevant organisation.

Have more than 3 years of professional educational experience. Students may complete the programme  by enrolling course-by-course

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Awarding Requirements

To be awarded the title of MSc in Occupational Health and Safety Leadership, graduates must have:

  1. Completed 180 points from the following schedule of courses within 24 months of starting the programme
  2. Have attained a GPA of 3.5 or better (67%-70%)
  3. Have no outstanding fees

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Contact our exclusive delivery partners Horizon for enrolment information directly via their website for professional guidance and career advice in occupational health & safety leadership.

Learning Outcomes

  • Synthesise and contribute to the wider profession through you understanding of how to identify and evaluate occupational health hazards and risks.
  • Research and present to professional peers regarding the development and implementation of control strategies for managing occupational health risks.
  • Embody the importance of promoting a positive health and safety culture within an organisation and represent the inculcation of an appropriate culture though the development of strategies, policies, procedures and initiatives that are implemented, evaluated and reflected upon

Assessment Strategies

To ensure a range of assessment strategies are used across courses (see the next section) an abbreviation is used to show the balance.

  • Written tests – WT
  • Multiple choice quizzes – MCQ
  • Analysis and application assignments – AAA
  • Case study investigations – CS
  • Research projects – RP
  • Presentations – P
  • Video recorded submissions – V
  • Groupwork – G
  • Work Based Projects/assignments WP
  • Exam – E

Success Factors

For students who studied a bachelor degree in English, UARD follows the University of Melbourne’s English requirements:

  • within the last two years, no additional evidence of English language proficiency is required
  • between two and five years ago, evidence of work in an English-speaking environment is required
  • more than five years ago, evidence that sustained work in a designated country*, in an English-speaking environment, has been undertaken since completing the degree will be required.

Courses, Points & AS

CodesLevelNamesPointsAssessments strategies
7OHBO7Behaviour in Organisations20WTMCQ
7OHEH7Ergonomics and Health20AAACS
7OHOT7Occupational Training20RPP
7OHAP7Applied Psychology and the Philosophy of Science (Sem 1)20VG
7OHPL7Occupational Health Psychology and the Law20WPE
7OHIR7I-WHO Research Seminars20WTMCQ
7OHHS7Organisational Health and Stress20AAACS
7OHWS7Risk Assessment for Work Stress20RPP
7OHPD7Environmental Psychology and Design20VG
7OHIH7Issues in Health Psychology20WPE
7OHDA7Design & Analysis in Applied Psychology (Semester 2)20WTMCQ
7OHWH7Workplace Health Promotion20AAACS
7OHAR7Application and Research Practice Seminars20RPP
7OHRP7Research Project20VG
7OHLE7Leadership, Engagement and Motivation20WPE
7OHLT7Learning, Training and Development20WTMCQ
7OHAW7Psychological Assessment at Work20AAACS
7OHPW7Work Design, Organisational Change and Organisational Development20RPP
7OHWO7Applying Psychology to Work and Organisations20VG
7OHCP7Conducting and Evaluating Psychological Research20WPE
7OHPI7Professional Practice in Sport Psychology20WTMCQ
7OHCI7Contemporary Issues in Sport Psychology20AAACS
7OHEP7Exercise Psychology20RPP
7OHPS7Psychological Skills20VG
7OHSC7Health, Stress and Cognition20WTMCQ
7OHBP7Bio-psychosocial Perspectives on Health20AAACS
7OHDP7Dissertation in Psychology20RPP
7OHHP7Applications and Professional Skills in Health Psychology20VG
7OHPA7Health Psychology In Action20WPE
7OHMP7Managing People in Organisations20WTMCQ
7OHHC7Human Resource Management in a Strategic Context20AAACS
7OHHM7Human Resource Management20RPP
7OHAH7Applied Human Resource Management and Business Skills20VG
7OHRT7Resourcing and Talent Management20WPE
7OHPM7Performance Management20WTMCQ
7OHMR7Managing Reward20AAACS
7OHEL7Employment Law20RPP
7OHER7Employee Relations20VG
7OHIT7International Resourcing and Talent Management20WPE
7OHED7Equality and Diversity from a Comparative Perspective20WTMCQ
7OHEG7Evaluating the Global Context20AAACS
7OHTS7The Strategic Context20RPP
7OHRG7Research in a Global Business Environment20VG
7OHPG7People and Global Organisations20WPE
7OHTD7The Service Concept: Design and Delivery20WTMCQ
7OHPP7Personal and Professional Development Programme20AAACS
7OHMF7Managing Finance20RPP
7OHMC7Meeting Customer Needs20VG
7OHPO7People and Organisations20WPE
7OHSA7Strategic Analysis20WTMCQ
7OHID7Integrated Disaster Management20AAACS
7OHAI7Advanced Incident Command System for Complex Incidents20RPP
7OHRD7Research & Data Analysis For Disaster Management20VG
7OHLC7Leadership in times of crisis20WPE

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Contact our exclusive delivery partners Horizon for enrolment information directly via their website for professional guidance and career advice in occupational health & safety leadership.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Students that have completed a recognised programme of learning, with learning outcomes that match the courses of study below, may apply for RPL. 

Students that have acceptable work experience, may apply for Current Competency point credits.

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It’s been a great learning experience so far.

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It’s really going good!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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It’s really a good program – to be different in the crowd.

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