Masters in Design

This is a high-level programme, with an emphasis on creative practice, research and industry collaboration.

As well as gaining expertise in a range of digital production tools, students learn to create, communicate and analyse stories, moving image narratives and user experiences in compelling and engaging ways. Alongside studio courses students take theory and context papers that develop critical thinking and approaches to design methodology.

Graduates will be qualified to pursue either an international career in design such as but not limited to:
• a spatial designer (architect, landscape designer, urban planner, entertainment venue or interior designer et. ),
digital or multimedia designer (animator, concept artist, digital illustrator, web designer, app designer, documentary or fiction film-o-graphics, VFX artist, game designer, Youtuber etc.),
• environmental or photographic artist,
• digital design developer,
• fine artist (airbrush or spray painter, story boarder, printmaker, special effects creator, cartoonist or book illustrator etc.) or
• to pursue further credentials associated with art or digital-design development
• to make a contribution to the knowledge of industry practices, professional processes and research in the creative industries.

Included Courses

7CPRD Creative Practice Research Design

● An introduction to research methodology and methods that encompass and advance practice-oriented knowledge. Explores and evaluates models of research and their implications, as they relate to creative, practice-oriented research carried out individually or as part of a collaboration.
● Provides contextual and theoretical frameworks, specifically cultural design, to allow students to engage in diverse, independent, research, including but not limited to the practices of art and design

7EIR Ethics in Research

  • Strategies for surveying, refining and implementing appropriate ethical approaches for practice based research. Content expands on a range of tools and frameworks to enable students to successfully apply for ethics approval. Critically review and analyse Qualitative methods suited to conducting ethical research.
  • Generate, distil and analyse appropriate methods for implementing ethics within a practice-based research project.
  • Focus critically on contexts for ethical research within practice-based research.

… and demonstrate confident critical thinking, analysis, decision-making and implementation of ethics.

7DPR Design Project by Research

  • Undertake self-directed research within a project/team based practice, located within appropriate critical, methodological, and other relevant contexts. Students participate in analytical-critical discussion about the broader project and research within cooperative and collaborative environments and present findings in an appropriate and professional manner.
  • Conduct advanced practice-based and in depth theoretical research that is reflexive, and confident.
  • Demonstrate ethical, professionally collaborative modes of research.
  • Undertake research with intellectual and methodological rigour.
  • Creatively apply research skills, and knowledge towards a practice-based original piece of research, that is capable of making a significant contribution to either a specialist field of enquiry or professional practice.

… and present research outcomes in an appropriate and professional manner..

7CDMD Creative Digital Media Design

  • Identifying the need for critical appraisal of current digital media technologies.
  • Investigate related creative and management processes and production techniques in a professional context.
  • Evaluate, appraise and critically review live design projects, noting advances in technology, project management, digital design method theories, concept development, prototyping and production techniques as well as design and application testing

… and demonstrate the use of 21st century learning attributes such as collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking while working with others to investigate the impact on the creative industries due to Industry 4.0

7SDP Strategic Design in Practice

  • Investigate through integrative and creative design approaches, the complex web of strategic relationships and opportunities existing within the context of business. Critically combine theory and practice to produce creative, strategic actions that highlight key opportunities for organisations.
  • Critically analyse key principles and approaches underpinning strategy, design-led innovation and design leadership.
  • Develop, identify, test, and propose durable design strategies appropriate to business contexts.

… and demonstrate leadership abilities in a design/business nexus.

7DPP Design Project Portfolio

  • A personal project negotiated with their supervisor, students will explore a topic of their own choice while:
    • Collaborating with peers
    • Seeking industry professional feedback
    • Researching new developments to reference
    • Demonstrating ethical and strategic intents
    • Generate and distil a critically engaged contextual discussion that relates to practice.
    • Create connections that open networks between practice and related theoretical and methodological approaches.
    • Demonstrate confidence in critical thinking, analysis, decision-making and implementation
    • Articulate key concepts, research questions, and critical standpoints for their research.
  • The portfolio is
    • submitted both digitally and physically
    • in one of the five Level 5 specialisations
    • promoted to industry networks
    • shared at a public event

… and reflecting the highest Level 7 standards of individual pursuit and authenticity

Design is the process of letting your mind be free, while developing your boundaries

Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.

Neville Brody

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

― Steve Jobs

The role of the designer is that of a good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests

― Charles Eames

Creativity is nothing but the way to solve new problems.

Diana Santos

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