The World’s First: Our Exclusive Partners Wild Geese Group Approved for Remote OPITO Industry Safety Training

Recently on the University of Applied R&D Emergency Response & Risk Management Videocast, we had the privilege to interview Tim Allsop and Michael Herrmann from the Wild Geese Group (WGG) & Wild Geese Academy (WGA). The WGG is a partner of UARD in handing out emergency response and risk management qualifications throughout the world. Michael (COO) and Tim (CEO) share their personal experiences in the field and talk about the motives of WGG. WGG is associated with OPITO, an internationally recognized awarding body responsible for creating a skilled workforce by delivering approvals. Having operation centers across the globe, OPITO has made relations with nations worldwide to provide them a gold standard of workforce development. In this article, we’ll be summarizing what we learned from these emergency response professionals.


Michael’s role as the Chief of Operations at WGG requires him to maintain the standard of the training given at their facilities. This also involves handling the special needs of their clients depending on the context of their requirements. Tim’s role, on the other hand, is of the Chief Executive Officer in which he operates the main functions of their business. Directing business deals and elevating the services according to the consumer’s demand. Tim also discussed how the current pandemic has affected their line of work, not to mention the downfall of the price of oil barrels. Both Tim and Mike had served in the military and they use the same strategy as they did in the military of improving themselves in their line of work. Their determination is the reason why OPITO approved their remote based training. On account of the current pandemic, Tim talked about how every business has opted to shift their work on the internet and has taken measures to promote remote-based work.

Effect of Technology

The ongoing crisis has perhaps brought us to the rise of e-commercial activities. Recently the WGG had gotten an approval for carrying out remote-based training programs. Digital training is not really what a lot of people are familiar with. The WGG itself is the only training provider that got an approval from OPITO to start remote-based training. The OPITO approved WGG’s remote training because of their priority to maintain their high level of emergency response training. The WGG has a standard to maintain and shifting the training to digital platforms will surely be a challenge for them. Nevertheless, their center has still decided to go through all these challenges. The emergency response management training consists mostly of simulations and practical based tests. To provide digital training, the trainers have developed modern software that works more like an online video game to be specific. This development of the software was no easy job either because according to Tim, it took around 500 hours of coding. The trainees will be able to advance to the next levels by successfully completing these digital simulation tasks.

Future of the Program

The future of this training will surely be a different experience for both parties. The remote-based training itself has made quite an impact on the current scenario. According to Michael, even little changes make a big difference in the outcome of the training. Physical communications between instructors and trainees will change to digital and the experience of working and collaborating with a team is what learners of the future might lack. Although the remote-based training allows the WGG to reach learners all around the world that are passionate to acquire this skill.

Career Advice

Both Mike and Tim advised new professionals that are looking forward to getting in this field to be innovative and creative. The world is changing rapidly and the digitalization of businesses is imminent. Especially the digital work would be handled efficiently by the youngsters because of their exposure to automation and their familiarity with modern technology.

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