NOCN Regional Manager visits Partners Wild Geese Group for live emergency training

Tim Dawkins (left) NOCN Regional Manager & Tim Allsop (right) CEO of Wild Geese Group, exclusive UARD partner for Emergency Response & Risk Management delivery

The University of Applied Research & Development (UARD) is accredited with the NOCN Group, one of the UK’s leading awarding bodies, approved by Ofqual and QAA to develop, endorse and deliver qualifications level 1 to level 7. Today the NOCN Group Regional Manager, Tim Dawkins visited the Wild Geese Group in Kuala Lumpur for a live incident command training day.

Successful Candidates with their Diploma in Emergency Management in the Oil & Gas Industry Level 4

Wild Geese Group (WGG) is one of UARD’s exclusive partners for the delivery of the Diploma, Bachelor and Masters in Emergency Response & Risk Management. WGG is the first in the world to develop and now deliver remote training using digital simulations in the highly challenging field of emergency response.

Using ZOOM, we were able to watch and listen as the candidates learned and then demonstrated how an emergency would be handled.

At the end of the training, roles were swapped and each of the 6 candidates took turns being the leader while fires exploded, sirens wailed and huge waves crashed into the simulated oil reg. The debrief enabled each leader to receive critical feedback on their performance from WGG CEO Tim Allsop and fellow candidates.

CEO Tim Allsop provided an interview and then conducted a tour of the WGG headquarters, demonstrating the facilities.

The war-room is used by corporates and government departments when crisis situations occur, with the WGG providing their specialised leadership 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

WGG also tracks vessels and helicopters in the region using sophisticated satellite imagery for the largest oil companies.

We saw the live virtual training in both the control room with Mike Herrmann…

…and the candidate space, which could be anywhere in the world, where anyone can learn to lead emergency response and receive an endorsed Diploma in Emergency Response & Risk Management Level 4.

The tour culminated in Tim Allsop (WGG CEO) sharing two final thoughts:

  • training and education must move more digital, using virtual and augmented reality, while also recognizing the vital human components, and
  • their organization is called Wild Geese Group after the movie of the same name where a tightly bonded group of soldiers did the impossible, where team members support and encourage each other, and where no person is left behind – just like wild geese

UARD is proud to be partnered with the Wild Geese Academy and Wiguna, the exclusive deliverers of the ERRM qualifications. For more information on recognition of your industry qualifications and higher-level accreditation, visit www.wggacademy.org

A video of the live training will be available on the UARD Youtube channel.