Bachelor in Community Leadership and Ministry (Level 6)

This qualification is offered exclusively with UARD’s community partner The Collective Institute, Indonesia.

The programme pathway:

Higher National Certificate (Level 4, Year One),

Higher National Diploma (Level 5, Year Two) and then,

Bachelor of Community Leadership & Ministry (Level 6, Year Three).

The third year of the Bachelor programme builds on a developed understanding of the theological and the leadership skills learnt in the Diploma programme. The specific aim of this year is to train you with the skills you need to be a leader of leaders. That is, on raising and developing leaders in your chosen sphere of influence in the community, business or ministry. There will thus be a greater focus on sphere-based theory, discussion and implementation, in times of challenge, opportunity and struggle.

Sharing of Faith

Develop understanding and discuss approaches to how we can develop our personal relationship with God. The course aims to cultivate an evangelistic lifestyle and equip students to share the Gospel in a wide range of settings, from a personal relationship to the public sphere.

Coaching & Mentoring

Leaders are required to train people. It is one of the key ways they multiply their influence and expand the ministry. This module equips you in the practice needed to plan and deliver group-based learning. It also teaches you how to assess people’s acquisition of skills and to evaluate the effectiveness of the training your conduct. Understanding the differences between, and place of mentoring and coaching is the key to leadership growth.

Leadership of Self & Others

As a senior leader, the majority of your time will be spent developing and managing other leaders. This course examines the principles, practices and disciplines of those who excel in leading and managing teams of leaders. Content and skills will be drawn from both the ministry and business worlds.

Leading Teams in Ministry

Equips students to further one of the essential foundations of church growth; cultivate discipleship through a community made of one or several small groups. Specific skills addressed include growing your own discipleship group, facilitating Bible study discussions, developing Bible study materials and developing new leaders who can then start their own discipleship groups.

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Develop the ability to engage in discussions that require you to present the case for Jesus Christ in the modern world. Develop an understanding of and a response to the key arguments used to challenge the Christian Gospel.

Community Leadership Capstone

This course will provide hands-on learning and practical experience for students. Industry/ Community project is taking learning from paper to action. Students will gain experience in researching, planning, and executing an industry/ community project. Students are introduced to important issues and principles for developing and managing community-based projects.

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