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Become NATO certified in just a few weeks and learn how NATO responds globally to an international crisis and conducts crisis response operations while earning your NATO certificate online in just 6 weeks.

Be ready & certified for exciting international careers in civilian life!

Our exclusive partnership with Capacity Building International enables military personnel and veterans to enrol into our UARD Bachelor or Masters of Emergency Management and simultaneously gain NATO certification!

The CMDR program prepares professionals for various scenarios by aligning with NATO core concepts to offer a unique learning opportunity based on the alliance’s own training program.

I strongly recommend this program-it teaches students a wide range of hard and soft skills that are applicable in a wide range of career goals: emergency management, humanitarian assistance, sustainable development, good governance, public policy and research, and many specialties within the military industrial complex.


With a collective 60+ years of international experience in international organizations to include NATO, United Nations (UN), and the Organization for Security Cooperation Europe (OSCE), and representing three (3) countries, we provide you with the insights to understand international crisis management and disaster response from a NATO perspective. Your instructors are complimented by lectures by NATO instructors from the NATO CMDR Center of Excellence located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

As an active service personnel or veteran, your skills, experiences and training are in-demand and valuable. Don’t wait; enrol now, and gain access to numerous international career opportunities in crisis management and disaster response through this highly sought-after training developed with the NATO Centre of Excellence!

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