Masters in Leadership Studies

Professor Dr Shaunta leads the Masters in Leadership Studies

Founder Center for Legacy Driven Leadership EdD, Dallas Baptist University Adult Educator • Leadership Researcher & Strategist • Curriculum Developer

Adult Educator with 15+ years of teaching and training experience in nonprofit and higher education settings. Skilled at content development for adult learners, and designing appropriate and engaging activities to reinforce learning. Workshop facilitator on topics of leader development, application of leadership theory, and effective mentoring.

The following are the learning objectives for the Masters in Leadership Studies Programme.

1. To provide a general and foundational understanding of leadership

2. To offer theory-driven and theory-based instruction

3. To introduce toxic leadership and its documented counterparts

4. To demonstrate how leadership theory coexists with popular culture and globalization

Leadership Introductions – 40%, 24 Credits, 12 Weeks

  • Definitions
  • Philosophy of Leadership
  • Leader and Follower
  • Influence and Impacts
  • Styles and Expectations

Leadership Theories – 25%, 15 Credits, 8 Weeks

Cooperative Models (mentoring, coaching, transformational, servant leadership)

Destructive Models (toxic, bullying, abusive supervision, terror)

Personal Models (servant, authentic, )

Toxic Leadership – 15%, 9 Credits, 6 Weeks

  • Destructive
  • Toxic
  • Bullying
  • Abusive Supervision
  • Pseudo-Transformation
  • Terror

Applications/ Coexistence – 20%, 12 Credits, 7 Weeks

McDonaldization (scale)

Globalization (range, reach, cultural intelligence)

Final Research Project

  • Personal Leadership Philosophy, Theories & Models
  • Personal Leadership Statement Audio/Video
  • Micro Workshop presentation
  • Final Submission of Thesis


This international qualification is established in the USA in partnership with the Texas A&M University System through the TEEX extension service (UARD is a Cooperative Learning Center), the globally recognised leader in leadership education. Graduates may pursue higher qualifications through our Texas A&M University System articulation agreement. This programme is also accredited at Level 6 (bachelor degree) in the United Kingdom by NOCN & One Awards, the leading end-point assessment organisation for OfQual and QAA. Graduates of the M.Lead.Sds will receive certification from both Texas A&M in the USA and NOCN in the UK, making this a highly valuable internationally recognised qualification.

Tuition Fees

Tuition for this $34,000 programme is highly subsidised through the Center for Legacy Driven Leadership. Enrollment is through interview, work experience and prior qualification review. Required evidence is needed for:

  1. Successful achievement of a Level 6 (UK) or bachelor degree from a recognised institution
  2. Significant work experience in the applicant’s industry
  3. Demonstrated time management and commitment to enable successful completion of the Masters in leadership Studies.

Successful applicants will receive a scholarship of up to $28,000, with the remaining $6,000 to be paid by the student.

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