International Fire Safety Qualifications now available in Africa through LLMA Consultants (Pty) LTD

“South Africa’s Fire Fighters are highly professional, committed experts in fire safety. Through our partnership with UARD, we now have the ability to offer these committed leaders qualifications at diploma, higher diploma, bachelor and masters degree level – this is a first in our continent!”

Dr Andre Nel

2021 Appointment of Professor Andre Nel, Director of Training for LLMA Consultants (Pty) LTD, to the Faculty of Emergency Management

Professor Dr Andre Nel (PhD) holds the role of Professor in the Faculty of Emergency Management for the University of Applied Research & Management. Dr Nel holds a number of qualifications that bring significant academic and industry credibility to his role:

PhD in Project Management – Costa Rica University

Masters Degree in Public Safety (Majoring in emergency planning/management)

Bachelor of Science – Fire Science

Graduate Diploma – IFE Fire Engineering

Graduate Diploma – Fire Technology

National Diploma – Human Resource Management

“I loved working in the South African Air force, seeing places. greatest memory is training the State Presidents aircrew for his new BBJ- B737- 700 aircraft and being awarded a medal for saving the air force costs.”

Dr Andre Nel
Accreditation and awarding of degrees through One Awards & NOCN (UK)
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“Mr Mandela once said to me, “Don’t let anyone steal your joy”. This has become my life’s motto as a specialist in the ARFF who trains airport rescue fire fighters all over Africa”

Dr Andre Nel
Professor Andre Nel, Faculty of Emergency Management
University of Applied Research & Development

Now available through LLMA Consultants in South Africa, with a major in Fire Safety and/or Fire Safety Leadership:

Diploma in Emergency Response & Risk Management

Diploma in Aircraft Fire Safety

Higher Diploma in Emergency Response & Risk Management
Associate degree in Emergency Response & Risk Management
Bachelor’s degree in Emergency Response & Risk Management
Master’s degree in Emergency Response & Risk Management

Accelerated Bachelor in Emergency Response & Risk Management with LLMA

Do you have extensive experience in fire safety from military, corporate, professional or voluntary service you may be able to join our accelerated Bachelor programme. The courses include:

Conflict – Resolution Management
Benefits of Asset Management
Incident Investigation
Behavioral Safety
Planning for a Crisis
Terrorism Response Awareness Program (TRAP
Presenting with Confidence
Risk Assessment
Taking Action
The Need for Strategy
Social Media Awareness
Root Cause Analysis
Safety Observation Systems
Human Factors
Barrier Management and Well Integrity
Working in Teams

For more information on any of the qualifications above, please contact us using the form below.

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