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Masters in Education: Dr Monica Burns & Dr Craig Hansen – Professional Development during COVID19

Wonderful to hear from Dr Monica Burns, Ed.D regarding the way she continued to make an impact for leaders and educators during the COVID19 pandemic. Some key points: – Avoid Nostelgia – Look at the data – Give – What are the two things to do today? – going forward: 1. focus on the essentialsContinue reading “Masters in Education: Dr Monica Burns & Dr Craig Hansen – Professional Development during COVID19”

Communicating in times of Crisis; Dr Rita Kepner shares insights and strategies

A fascinating 45th Murrow Symposium focused on Communicating in Times of Crisis. Dr Rita Kepner (one of our University of Applied Research & Development contributing faculty) whos is a Lifetime Achievement Award winner and long-time FEMA spokesperson. Rita shares communication methods, tactics and strategies. Many other great topics and speakers are included. Here are two the playlistContinue reading “Communicating in times of Crisis; Dr Rita Kepner shares insights and strategies”

ACES Awareness Resources

The University of Applied Research & Development is delighted to share this initiative from the Office of the California Surgeon General and the Department of Health Care Services to give MediCal providers training, clinical protocols, and payment for screening children and adults for ACEs. Thank you to Dr Pamela Pine, Founder/CEO, Stop the Silence forContinue reading “ACES Awareness Resources”

Bachelor of Emergency Management – UARD (NZ), Texas A+M (USA) and NOCN (UK) with AP Todd De Voe

Your professional experiences may include accredited training with the International Well Control Forum, the National Fire Protection Association or the International Institute and hold a IFE Level 5 Diploma in Fire Engineering Design or IFE Level 5 Award in Fire Investigation: Theory and Practice, for example. Learn more at https://uard.university/aberrm/


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