Drone Legends in Aotearoa, New Zealand

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Learn to fly & code a drone!

Four opportunities to unleash the legends inside every student:

Drone Legends Experience: A two-hour flying a coding experience (taste the magic) of Drone Legends

Drone Legends Mission Day: Pursue a mission, with all safety equipment like a professional, over four hours at your local school or community hub

Drone Legends School Partner: With expert training and Aotearoa-based support, gain access to the Mission Guides, a supplied drone, all mission equipment and safety equipment… and the amazing online lesson portal! This is a 12-month license with Drone Legends USA & Aotearoa

Careers, STAR & Gateway Opportunities: We have four Achievement Standards (L1 to L3) to enable your students to combine a Drone Legends Mission Day (above) with NCEA credits AND industry experience.

Visit our international HQ at Drone Legends USA or ring us in NZ 0211213097

Careers Education Case Study with Drone Legends

Great to see the Careers and Transition Association of NZ Inc. has a case study of great Drone Legends activities at Papakura High School, and the work of STEM leader Satchet Singh

Aotearoa New Zealand Industry Advisory Board

Sagar Thaker, JCMATTHEW NZ LTD. Industry areas of Agriculture, Military, Sporting, Emergency Response, GIS – mapping, Retail, Product Distribution – Flight safety awareness and usefulness of UAV technology in today’s world

Petra Leary, petraleary.com. Industry areas of Sporting, Photography – Art – full-time drone photographer for the past 5 years.

Sacha Wetzel, AVFOIL. Industry areas of Agriculture, Military, Security – I like things that fly and I also like flexible ways to see different views, drones offer this to aviation which I have been a part of for near 30 years.

Callum Scully, Cratos NZ Callum is an ex New Zealand Infantry Section Commander and UAS operator/trainer. Now working with Cratos Ltd & Criterion Solutions to supply our customers with world leading technology in the UAS space.

Jeff Maunder, Fire and Emergency New Zealand Jeff is the National Capability Manager and Chief Remote Pilot for Fire and Emergency New Zealand. Jeff’s scope of operations is very broad and covers basic mapping, 3D imagery, Thermal mapping and Hotspot analysis, damage assessments for structural collapse, flood damage assessment and adverse weather response. Key factors for FENZ is the integration of UAS intelligence into smart GIS info systems that are developed and targeted and operations command and decision making personnel. UAS is a fast growing emerging technology that has the ability to have a significant impact on reducing the impact of Sudden Onset Disasters (SOD) on communities. We are only just touching on the capabilities and potential of integrated UAS intelligence products and the impact it will have on the Emergency Management Sector.

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Your child can learn to FLY A DRONE and experience amazing career opportunities.

St Paul’s College NZ, Drone Legends Experience

Finn Lloyd of St Paul’s College shared his recent Drone Legends experience in the school newsletter, saying “The Drone Legends experience was like no other, from Coding and Path-Flying a drone through a structure or room to creating a drone of our own. There is no experience that I would rather spend the day doing, and all of my thanks go to Mrs Brayshaw, as well as Dr Hansen and the Drone Legends NZ program.”

Your child can learn to CODE A DRONE

and experience amazing career opportunities.

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Drone STEM Curriculum with engaging MISSIONS

The Drone Legends Student Mission Guide has everything the students need to complete the drone missions. Each mission is written as a story, which are cleverly designed to recreate real scenarios where STEM career skills would be used. The guide allows kids to navigate the mission independently, finding answers to their own questions along the way.

Educator Lesson Planner: Let’s Make Your Life Easier

You don’t have to be a STEM expert, you don’t have to even be a teacher — but we’ve got what you need to run a drones program. At Drone Legends, we have a big vision for teaching drones to kids, and it isn’t just about being in a classroom or academic enrichment program. We understand that STEM skills can be cultivated just about anywhere, and adults who teach STEM programs come from a variety of backgrounds. So, whether you are an expertly skilled STEM teacher, or a volunteer in an after-school program, the Educator Lesson Planner will work for you.

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