D.Ed – Doctor of Education

The D.Ed is a professional doctorate designed to be taken part-time to prepare the next generation of pedagogical experts and leaders in education. This is an ABD programme (all but dissertation) for educators who wish to complete prior doctoral work where only the dissertation is left to complete. It focuses on the development of new knowledge, scholarship in educational practice and the increasing role of educational technology in both traditional and alternative education settings.

Built on a cohort model of inquiry, the Doctor of Education provides a structured, supportive, rigorous approach to doctoral study. “A Doctor of Education (EdD) is a professional degree designed for practitioners pursuing educational leadership roles. A PhD in education, on the other hand, is designed to prepare graduates for research and teaching roles.” The Doctor of Education is an opportunity for educators, policy-makers and those in the wider educational field to gain the highest level of professional qualification.

Dr Don Brown, D.Ed

Professor of Education; Creativity & Educational Technology

Dr Don has a D.Ed. in education leadership with a focus on the assessment of student learning, from the University of Oregon.

The D.Ed is an 18-month programme, designed with working professionals in mind, providing a flexible and convenient approach to further study. It is led by Dr Brown, the recognised education technologist, researcher, and trainer.

Dr Don’s areas of supervision for D.Ed students are:

  • Blended & E-learning
  • Student-centred approaches
  • Authenticity & relevance to education/training experiences
  • Assessment of learning

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Undertaking an D.Ed will enable you to create new knowledge to develop educational practice and policy in your region, nation and other contexts. A Doctor of Education degree has equal status with the PhD.

The D.Ed is a unique, team-based doctoral programme where students work with Dr Brown for the first two semesters and then with their own research supporters, with knowledge and expertise in their topic of interest and a range of research methods. Completion of the Doctor of Education will provide you with a competitive edge, ensuring you stand out for promotion opportunities.

The D.Ed is an international benchmark of professional policy, commitment and practice research. It is designed for education professionals in any education-related role who want to extend their knowledge and skillset and apply this to their professional practice. The degree of Doctor of Education is awarded on the basis of submission of a thesis and the completion of coursework.

This D.Ed via ABD is a 27-credit programme including 8 courses. Each course is 3 hours per week, each course is 14 weeks in duration. Four course are taught and four courses are components of your final dissertation as follows:

Taught CoursesFinal Dissertation Components
Current Methods in Teaching and Learning
3 credits
Dissertation and Project 1
4 credits
Evidence of Learning
3 credits
Dissertation and Project 2
4 credits
Neurology + Technology
3 credits
Dissertation and Project 3
4 credits
Instructional Delivery Methods
3 credits
Dissertation and Project 4
4 credits

Doctor of Education graduates will:

  • Meet high international standards in the quality of their scholarly work – repeatable, harmonised, agreed and documented way
  • Adopt an investigative, inquiring closely, open-minded, reflective, dialogical stance in addressing scholarly and professional problems, characterized by deep thought
  • Draw on insights from their studies in seeking to make a worthwhile difference in the lives of others
  • Be able to link, in a logical and consistent and rigorous manner, theory and research to questions of professional practice
  • Be adept at presenting their work in conferences and seminars, and in publishing their findings
  • Value the process of peer review in advancing scholarly and professional understanding
  • Be willing and able to demonstrate leadership in their domains of professional & educative endeavour
  • Have a strong sense of global awareness and participate actively in wider scholarly and professional communities.

Jobs related to this programme

  • Educational or public policy consultants
  • Public and private sector learning facilitators
  • Teaching or school leadership
  • Tertiary sector professionals

Minimum programme entry requirements

  • Masters or honours degree in an education-related field
    • a Bachelor’s degree in education or related fields, with First Class Honours or Second Class Honours (Division I) or equivalent; or
    • a Bachelor’s degree with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (with distinction or credit) or
    • a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (with distinction or credit), including an appropriate research component; or
  • a Master’s degree in education or a related field (with distinction or credit).
  • Evidence of significant research, usually undertaken as part of prior study
  • A proven track-record of industry experience in formal or community education

In special circumstances, the Programme Leader may approve the enrolment of a graduate who does not hold one of the qualifications above, but who has produced satisfactory evidence of adequate training and ability to pursue the proposed course.

Tuition Fees

Tuition for the D.Ed is $3000 per Semester. The D.Ed is a three-semester programme over 18-months.

The enrolment & registration fee is $350. The enrolment and registration fee is deducted from your tuition fees once final payment is arranged.

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