Accommodation Guide

This video guide uses TradeMe as the search engine. The exact search string URL you need to use is under the video. Below are the search criteria used with TradeMe.

If you open the search string URL, you will have the right local areas already programmed into the search, so you will see the latest listings available.

If there is any trouble hearing the entire video or the video seems to be missing a segment, please click here to watch the original screen recording here.

The TradeMe search string to use is https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/property/residential/rent/auckland/auckland-city/city-centre/listing/3791977233

This is a screenshot of the TradeMe apartment locations that Craig used in the search string. Check you can see these locations in your TradeMe results. These locations are close to:

  • Britomart – bus, train, and ferry terminal
  • Viaduct – hospitality area
  • Auckland’s waterfront – where classes will operate

Once you find 3 listings you like, please send them to Craig in one email to check the listing is suitable as a location. The following is an example listing URL, so you can see the format of the link to send to Craig to check (though by the time to see this, the particular listing might be invalid). The following listing example URL is based on the blue couch apartment in the video:

https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/property/residential/rent/auckland/auckland-city/city-centre/listing/3791689464 Do not send Craig this link, as this is only an example.

You can use the following contact box to do this:

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