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Did You Know? We’re Doing Hard Things in New Zealand with Jay Tiegs!

Join UARD’s degree (VA funded) and visit New Zealand to complete your project (bachelor and masters degree) options!)

Learn the Pillars of High Performance in a fully immersive adventure program in New Zealand Clarity, Energy Courage Influence Productivity!

If you are a veteran, you know your education benefits are a valuable way to gain a bachelor or masters degree. But what about all your past training, experience and certifications?

Being in a demanding role is tough. You have achieved and accomplished so much in your life because of your hard work ethic, discipline, and commitment to service.

Jay Tiegs


UARD was created to acknowledge all the skills & knowledge you have through Recognition of Prior Learning. Complete your degree faster, cheaper, with VA funding.

  • USA citizens can come to NZ VISA free for up to three months at a time
  • Enjoy the beauty of New Zealand while completing your UARD degree (UK & USA approved)
  • Bring your family & fellow patriots for some or all of the visit
  • We assist with securing accommodation & Orientation
  • Flexible classes in multiple locations with highly engaging faculty
  • VA education benefits include tuition, housing and potentially the kicker*

What VA funds will you receive during this 30-credit hour course?

  1. Tuition fees per semester ($10,000-11,667 paid directly to UARD to cover all courses, travel & activities)
  2. Housing allowance ($1,833 per month paid to your bank account)
  3. Books & Supplies Stipend ($1000 paid to your bank account)

*Check your entitlement here on the VA website.

Study with UARD and visit beautiful New Zealand to complete your project. Find out how, now with UARD by completing the form below

Who needs proof of vaccination to enter New Zealand? No one!
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