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NEWLY ACCREDITATION QUALIFICATION – Post Graduate Certificate in Leadership & Management

The Post Graduate Certificate Level Programme in Leadership and Management (level 7) (PGCPLM) is the primary, post-graduate program for persons who currently hold a senior leadership and management role seeking to broaden their knowledge and skill-base, or for persons with existing work history, desirous of growing their career opportunities. 

PGCPLM is designed to lay the foundations, and be a pathway for further higher education, leadership, and management studies that may include:

  • Post Graduate Diploma Level Programme in Leadership and Management
  • Masters in Leadership and Management
  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Individuals completing the PGCPLM will be expected to demonstrate the application of subjects undertaken through actions and behaviors such as:

  • High level autonomous decision making
  • Demonstration of initiative and judgement to plan and implement a range of leadership and management functions in varied contexts. 
  • Demonstration of responsibility and accountability for personal outputs and for the work or function of others.
  • The use cognitive and creative skills to review, critically analyse, consolidate and synthesise knowledge, in order to generate ideas and provide solutions to complex problems. 
  • High-level, strategic-focused communication skills to demonstrate their understanding of theoretical concepts and to transfer knowledge and ideas to others.

Contact us about the RPL opportunities into a Masters Degree with the PGCPLM

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