Welcome to the University of Applied Research & Development

Internationally Accredited Qualifications for the Global Learner

International faculty, multiple disciplines, industry partnership & recognition of prior learning

Established in New Zealand, Accredited in the United Kingdom, Globally Delivered with Industry & Community Partners

Multiple, Global Locations

Programme Delivery Around The World

Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Malta, Kazakhstan, Abu Dhabi, Tunisia, Egypt, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, India, Nepal

In-Demand Undergraduate & Graduate Studies, On-Demand

From Certificate to PhD Pathway

Bachelor & Masters in Science Occupational Health and Safety Leadership

Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor & Masters in Community Leadership & Ministry

Diploma & International Masters in Education

Diploma in Strategic Leadership of Performance and Productivity

Diploma, Bachelor & Master of Emergency Response & Risk Management

Consultancy, development and industry-to-academic pathway

Anywhere, Anytime Learning, Accredited in the United Kingdom

The University of Applied Research & Development is an NOCN & ONE AWARDS approved institution. NOCN is a United Kingdom Awarding Organisation licensed by Ofqual and One Awards is QAA approved to develop, endorse and award qualifications Levels 1 to 7; both organisations are part of the NOCN Group.

Innovative, Education-Leading Instructional Design

UARD is 100% committed to removing all barriers to education. With a high-tech, low-cost model, global Contributing Faculty, Google Certified Innovators & Microsoft Master Trainers developing & delivering learning experiences, the University of Applied Research & Development is cutting-edge.

Private Facebook group with all course content, interaction & peer support

Regular, live tutorials, lectures and interaction groupwork with ZOOM each week

Anywhere, anytime access to assessments, activities and results via Google Classroom